"In somno securitas" - "safe in sleep"

To reach this multidisciplinary goal in operating theaters the close collaboration between surgeons, anesthetists and
day care personnel needs to be established as a general interdisciplinary necessity as well as for each operation
individually in order to achieve the best possible patient safety.

Our vision consists of solution-oriented and cooperative operational teams working hand-in-hand together in their high-risk
environment to solve any critical and even life-threatening situations. This interdisciplinary goal needs exceptional knowledge
about all the medical possibilities and newest technical inventions as well as a respectful and communicative working atmosphere.

The European AAA Symposium 2019 hopefully contributes to the understanding of the importance of teamwork in operating
theaters to make every patient safe in sleep. The congress shall foster the collaboration and relationships between surgeons,
anesthetists and day care personnel and strengthen interdisciplinary competence.

AAA2019 - European Symposium on Ambulatory Anesthesia and Analgesia