Friday, March 8th

7.00     Registration/Opening Welcome desk

8.00    Opening ceremony: Stefan De Hert (Belgium): Do we need guidelines for correct patient treatment?

8.45    Plenary lecture: Mark Skues (United Kingdom), Michael Lottan (Israel): Ambulatory anesthesia, a review of the past, a glance to the future and a short discussion on its juridical aspects in different countries


9.30-9.45 Coffee break


1st panel 9.45-11.15
Infrastructure and logistic aspects of ambulatory anesthesia

Chairpersons: Daniela Filipescu, Stefan De Hert
1.    9.45-10.05    Luc Sermeus (Belgium): Logistics of preoperative consultation and planning day-care anesthesia
2.    10.05-10.25 Rebecca Twersky (USA): Enhanced recovery in the outpatient setup: an evidence-based approach
3.    10.25-10.45 Sorin Brull (USA): Suitable equipment and recommended monitoring in an ambulatory setup
4.    10.45-11.05 Daniela Filipescu (Romania): My patient has a pacemaker/implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)/cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT)…
5.    11.05-11.15 Discussion


11.15-11.30 Coffee break


2nd panel 11.30-13.00
Tailored monitoring equipment

Chairpersons: Kurt Ruetzler, Rebecca Twersky
1.    11.30-11.50 Jan Poelaert (Belgium): Hemodynamic monitoring
2.    11.50-12.10 Peter Szmuk (USA): Hyperoxygenation in ambulatory surgery
3.    12.10-12.30 Daniela Filipescu (Romania): The management of the patient with chronic heart failure for day surgery- special monitoring and care
4.    12.30-12.50 Kurt Ruetzler (USA): New pain monitoring
5.    12.50-13.00 Discussion


13.00-14.15 Lunch


3rd panel 14.15-15.45
Preoperative assessment

Chairpersons: Steven Butz, Gabriel Gurman
1.    14.15-14.35 Gabriel M Gurman (Israel): Informed consent in ambulatory anesthesia
2.    14.35-14.55 Rebecca Twersky (USA): Can outpatient surgery be performed in patients with obesity and obstructive sleep apnea?
3.    14.55-15.15 Kurt Ruetzler (USA): Laboratory testing before ambulatory surgery
4.    15.15-15.35 Steven Butz (USA): Preoperative assessment and preparation of the cardiac patient for outpatient surgery
5.    15.35-15.45 Discussion


15.45-16.00 Coffee Break


4th panel 16.00-17.30
Pharmacological considerations in ambulatory anesthesia

Chairpersons: Sorin Brull, Arnaldo Valedon
1.    16.00-16.20 Timo Palas (Switzerland): Spinal chloroprocaine in ambulatory surgery
2.    16.20-16.40 Johan Raeder (Norway): IV-anesthesia in the ambulatory setting: is it a real solution?
3.    16.40-17.00 Jan Poelaert (Belgium): Local anesthetics in ambulatory surgery
4.    17.00-17.20 Sorin Brull (USA): Is there any place for using neuromuscular blocking agents in ambulatory anesthesia?
5.    17.20-17.30 Discussion


17.30-17.45 Coffee Break


5th panel 17.45-19.15
Regional anesthesia: possibilities and limitations

Chairpersons: Gabriella Iohom, José Aguirre
1.    17.45-18.05 Friedrich Lersch (Switzerland): New types of blocks on geriatric patients: making ophthalmic regional anesthesia safer
2.    18.05-18.25 Steven Clendenen (USA): Indications and limitations of regional anesthesia in an ambulatory setup
3.    18.25-18.45 Adela Onutu (Romania): Peripheral blocks in an ambulatory setup
4.    18.45-19.05 Gabriella Iohom (Ireland): Regional anesthesia and the patient under anticoagulant therapy
5.    19.05-19.15 Discussion


Evening program: Faculty Meeting / VIP - Dinner


Saturday, March 9th


6th panel 9.00-10.10
Anesthesia for specific surgical procedures and high-risk patients

Chairpersons: Kurt Ruetzler, Steven Butz
1.    9.00-9.20 Michael Lottan (Israel): The pregnant patient for ambulatory surgery - any problems?
2.    9.20-9.40 Daniela Ionescu (Romania): Anesthesia in ambulatory laparoscopic cholecystectomy - any news?
3.    9.40-10.00 Kurt Ruetzler (USA): Perioperative cardiac morbidity and mortality
4.    10.00-10.10 Discussion


10.10-10.25 Coffee break


7th panel 10.25-11.35
Pediatric ambulatory surgery and anesthesia

Chairpersons: Peter Szmuk, Michael Lottan
1.    10.25-10.45 Steven Butz (USA): Anesthesia problems for tonsillectomy in an ambulatory setup and guidelines addressing them
2.    10.45-11.05 Farhad Hafezi (Switzerland): Addressing the needs of children and low-compliant patients during eye surgery
3.    11.05-11.25 Peter Szmuk (USA): Local anesthesia and caudal block in ambulatory pediatric anesthesia
4.    11.25-11.35 Discussion


11.35-11.50 Coffee break


8th panel 11.50-13.00
Day case handling of patients with chronic pain

Chairpersons: Omar Omar-Pasha, Peter Biro
1.    11.50-12.10 Omar Omar-Pasha (Germany): Role of causal therapy in chronic pain treatment - view of a surgeon
2.    12.10-12.30 Otto Meltzer (Romania): A new device for painless cutaneous injection
3.    12.30-12.50 Omar Omar-Pasha (Germany): Ambulatory interventional approach to lower back pain
4.    12.50-13.00 Discussion


13.00-14.15 Lunch


9th panel 14.15-15.25
Prevention of immediate postoperative complications

Chairpersons: Arnaldo Valedon, Daniela Ionescu
1.    14.15-14.35 Steven Butz (USA): Evidence-based approach to minimizing post-discharge nausea and vomiting
2.    14.35-14.55 Kurt Ruetzler (USA): Airway management and neuromuscular blockade
3.    14.55-15.15 Arnaldo Valedon (USA): Emergency surgery in the out-patient setup: how to prevent postoperative complications
4.    15.15-15.25 Discussion


15.25-15.40 Coffee break


10th panel 15.40-16:50
Discharge and readmission or hospitalization after ambulatory anesthesia

Chairpersons: Narinder Rawal, Gabriel Gurman
1.    15.40-16.00 Arnaldo Valedon (USA): Outpatient total joint replacement: is this the future?
2.    16.00-16.20 Gabriel Gurman (Israel): The asthmatic patient for partial thyroidectomy. How to prevent readmission?
3.    16.20-16.40 Narinder Rawal (Sweden): Pain management at home after ambulatory surgery - Twenty years of catheter regional techniques
4.    16.40-16.50 Discussion


16:50-17.05 Closing ceremony: Narinder Rawal, Alina Predescu, Peter Biro, Gabriel Gurman


1.    Didier Moens, Peter Biro: Jet ventilation

Friday March 8th    13.00-14.00, 14.30-15.30
Saturday March 9th     15.45-16.45

2.    Gabriella Iohom, Adela Onutu, Steven Clendenen, Niamh Conlon, Jose Aguirre: Ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia

Friday March 8th     11.30-13.30, 14.30-16.30
Saturday March 9th     10.30-12.30, if needed 16.50-18.50

3.    Friedrich Lersch, Bazil Ateleanu, Tatjana Josifova, Yves Perron: Peribulbar or sub-Tenon's blocks

Friday March 8th     16.00-17.30
Saturday March 9th     9.00-10.30, 12.30-14.00

4.    Brian Oosterhoff, Pablo Martínez: Conox: A smart depth of anesthesia monitoring

Friday March 8th    11.30-12.30, 17.45-18.45
Saturday March 9th    14.15-15.15




as of 15th February 2019 (program subject to change)